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[FANTAKEN] 140531 Uie at ‘AFTERSCHOOL 2014 Japan Fanmeeting’ – Part 1



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[PIC/CF] Uie for H:Connect Taiwan



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[FACEBOOK] 140529 Uie for AFTERSCHOOL Jp Update



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[NEWS/VIDEO/ENG] Watch Uee give a cute message to her fans in this interview


If you recently saw Uee’s shout out to DramaFever video, you will love to learn more about Uee in her interview below! Uee (also known as Kim Yu Jin) is a member of the idol group After School. She is always willing to learn more and improve on both her musical and acting skills in order to please her fans.

Watch her interview here:

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[NEWS] Pledis Entertainment makes official apology to After School fan clubs


Pledis Entertainment has made an official apology to After School’s fans after major fan clubs complained about the members ignoring them at the ‘Idol Futsal Championships’ filmed on May 26 KST.

The After School members participated in the cheerleading championship, and Pledis Entertainment asked fan clubs to create placards. According to reports, the members didn’t greet the fan clubs when they entered nor did they stay for the ending filming. Considering that many fans came quite a way and waited a long while just to cheer the group on, the fan clubs were not happy with the situation and were angry that the agency didn’t notify them that the members would not be participating in the end portion of filming.

After School’s fan clubs expressed, “Fan service is not an obligation, but the agency shouldn’t ignore the fans. The fans waited for hours on hard chairs, and the agency didn’t tell us anything during that time. There is a clear communication issue within Pledis.”

Major fan clubs (‘AS-Fan’ along with ‘Filled with Raina’ and ‘Ga Eun-ah’) have united to temporarily close until Pledis Entertainment and the After School members issue an official apology and give the fan clubs “feedback.”

Pledis Entertainment has now come forward to state:

“Regardless of the situation at the time, we have no excuse and apologize to the fans and members for not properly handling it. We apologize to the fans for causing concern due to our inability to handle the situation properly. We understand the dissatisfaction that the fans have concerning Pledis. Through this incident, we’re so sorry, and we will find a way to communicate as fans would like and respond in a realistic way that includes continuous feedback. We’ll create communication channels, so we can come up with ideas alongside fans. We will make efforts so something like this doesn’t happen again and consider the fans and members’ perspectives more.”

After School member Raina has also tweeted an apology to explain her point of view. She stated that she thought the fan clubs were told the group wouldn’t be participating in the ending filming for the ‘Idol Futsal Championships’. She also said that she understands how the fans might be disappointed and that she’s very thankful for the support. Raina concluded, “I’ll reflect on this issue. In the future, I’ll make sure not to forget the people far and close who are giving me strength.”

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T/N Uie didn’t join those ‘Idol Futsal Championship’ as she’s still at Mauritius, filming for LOTJ and Uie’s fansite, is temporarily closed down too. ㅠ.ㅠ
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[NEWS/VIDEO] Uee has a personal message for you!


Uee (also known as, Kim Yu Jin) is a member of the idol group, After School. She is also an actress and played the role of Yoo He Yi in You’re Beautiful. Uee is known to be the “sexy icon” of beautiful and healthy females, with her trademark “honey thighs.” Check out her special shout out to DramaFever fans below!

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[NEWS] UEE looks pretty in lace for ‘H:CONNECT’s newest pictorial


UEE dressed up in summery clothes for ‘H:CONNECT’s newest photoshoot!

She’s paired up lace tops with denim shorts, balancing out from looking too girly with either a snapback or a bulky clutch. She looks like she’s ready to hit the streets with the perfect summer fashion.

‘H:CONNECT’ said, “For this photoshoot, UEE pulled off the must-have item of lace and eyelet looks for women in the summer with her unique style. ‘H:CONNECT’s eyelet and lace tops are feminine but have a unique design, so they can be matched with denim shorts or even slacks, so we’re looking forward to them being a big hit.”


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[VIDEO/ENG] After School’s Beauty Bible Ep 18

credit: KBS World TV

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[NEWS] After School’s Uee Is All Innocent Smiles for Ceci Magazine


Singer turned actress Uee (of girl group After School) has released a summer pictorial.

Ceci magazine’s June cover sets the sexy and birdlike Uee against the exotic background of Thailand Krabi’s azure sea. Wearing a white see through top with bold details, Uee stands out against the blue backdrop. She somehow appears at once both innocent and mature as she winks playfully and splashes water towards the camera. Chic, metallic backpacks and handbags round out the shoot. Uee is a true fashionista as she introduces the reader to the concept of “resort fashion.”

In other news, Uee is scheduled to participate along with Royal Pirates’ James and Teen Top’s Niel in the reality show “Law of the Jungle in Indian Ocean,” which will air this July.

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[FANTAKEN] 140522 Uie, James & Niel with Fans at Reunion Island



credit: _InLoveWithKpop

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[PIC/MAG/OFFICIAL] Uie for ‘Ceci’ 2014 June Ed.



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[PIC] 140522 Uie with other LOTJ’s Cast at ‘The Lux – ST Gilles Hotel’




credit: François Ho-Mouye; via: Minbbobbo

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[PIC/INFO] 140522 Uie with Niel,Kim Byung Man & Kang Ji Seob at ‘The Lux – ST Gilles Hotel’


❤ Law of the Jungle (cast and crew) will fly to Mauritius today (May 23rd).
They’ll leave Reunion Island around 12.30pm RET.


credit: Minbbobbo

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[CF/PIC] Uie with Kang Chul Woong for H:Connect ‘2014 Summer Collection’



via: lisa6978

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[NEWS] UEE makes a splash in Thailand for ‘CeCi’


After School’s UEE headed to Thailand and made a splash with her gorgeous photoshoot for ‘CeCi’!

UEE visited one of Krabi’s main attractions which is its shore near the Krabi River and had some fun in the water. She looked flawless as usual in her white cover-ups and showed off her sun-kissed locks.

Check out more of UEE’s pictorial in ‘CeCi’s June issue!

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