[NEWS] UEE revealed to have sustained injuries on ‘Laws of the Jungle’


On July 18, SBS’s variety program ‘Laws of the Jungle’ (Indian Ocean) revealed that there had been an accident during filming that ended with a bleeding head and shoulder injury for UEE.

Kim Byung Man narrated, explaining that he thought it was so picturesque where the ocean waves crashed into the rocks and sprayed upwards that he wanted to film over there.  Gradually, each of the other members came over as well to enjoy the view.  He explained that he had not expected the waves to reach them at all, except that he had been wrong.

At one point, a huge wave went crashing onto the rocks, covering the entire cast members until it disappeared, leaving all but one standing.  The others were shocked to find UEE lying on the rocks somewhat unconscious, so filming halted at that point.

Later, she was shown sitting in a chair with the team doctor looking at the wound in her head.  UEE had also sustained an injury on her shoulder, which the doctor assured would be fine after taping.  However, the doctor revealed that the head injury would need stitches.

UEE said in an interview with the production crew later on, “I do not remember what happened exactly… I felt my body scoop up in the water… The moment I hit the rock, things went blank, but I did feel relief when I could hear the others.”  She also said she felt sorry towards the other members for causing concern.

Park Hee Soon expressed some guilt as he said he had been standing right next to UEE, wondering with a heavy heart if he had not been able to grab her.  Kim Byung Man, however, expressed even more guilt to the point of tears, saying that he was most at fault.

Hopefully, all cast members from now on will be extra careful to avoid any more injuries, big or small.


Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/07/uee-revealed-to-have-sustained-injuries-on-laws-of-the-jungle

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