[PIC] Uie & Choi Woo Shik for “Hogu’s Love” Poster



credit: facebook.com/hogoolove

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5 thoughts on “[PIC] Uie & Choi Woo Shik for “Hogu’s Love” Poster

  1. ikram

    Well come.it is been a long time

    • hehe.thank u~ ^^ and sorry for not updating~for a month right??keke.i’m on vacay last month so wasn’t able to update the site.sorry~ ^^

  2. ikram

    No it s ok.i want you to hep me to make uee have 1m follower in her facebook before nana make her 1m follower in instagram.truly i m sad because i feel like nana has taken the place of uee 😡 i know maybe i m egoist but uee work hard and her fan are in decrease .and i don t want this to be posted just readed it and say if you are ok or not ☺ i m her fan since 2009

    • d’aww~dont worry~this is Uie’s fansite.so it’s absolutely for Uie’s fan.ONLY.lol.i know u love her dats y u want for the best for her,rite?? ^^ btw,how to help tho?i can help & make a post re Uie’s fb.but the thing is,this fansite isnt dat well known. ㅠ.ㅠ btw,just a friendly advice but dont worry too much bout Nana taking over Uie’s place or etc.or should i say…hmm,just ignore anything bout her.lol.i mean,u shouldnt put urself in stress bout someone dat u dont like,rite??hehe. ^^ just ignore dat girl & show ur love to Uie instead. 😊 and who says Uie is losing her fans??she’s been gaining more & more fans.so dont worry~ my fellow qUEEn fighting!!! 😉

  3. ikram

    Wish her all the best .keep working i m supporting you and all people that support uee.fighting tryly this girl need to bee overrated she diserve it ☺

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