[NEWS/OP-ED] Swearing goddesses and bashful fools for Ho-gu’s Love


Promo materials continue to look adorable for tvN’s upcoming romantic comedy Ho-gu’s Love, a show that totally appeals to me because I do love the alpha-girl-and-beta-male dynamic, and the Ho-gu of this series (played by Choi Woo-shik) is about as beta as you get. (His name literally means dummy!) It’s not that beta males are so rare, but compared to the alpha chaebols/businessmen/geeeeniuses who strut around dramaland dragging ladies around by the wrist, they’re in the distinct minority, and it’s always fun to see the other side.

UEE plays the “swimming goddess” named Do Do-hee, a name that’s another pun that plays on the word for haughty. So it makes sense that they’re playing up her otherworldy, goddess-like image in the posters, although I’m pretty sure Pieta isn’t the best reference for a romantic couple. (It IS Pieta, isn’t it? Awk-ward.)

In any case, here are more teasers for the show, the first of which features Ho-gu bashfully “confessing” his feelings for Do-hee, only it’s to a stuffed bear that he then showers with love. Too much love, perhaps, which turns to frustration when he wails, “Why don’t you understand my feelings?!” He starts hitting his teddy bear stand-in, only to find Do-hee standing behind him, not amused. The teaser ends with him saying, “I am Ho-gu in love,” or perhaps more aptly, “I’m a fool in love.”

The next teaser’s cute in a different way, since it shows the polished Do-hee getting ready for a date, looking the picture of flirty sweetness… until she gets a call from Ho-gu, who rattles off a list of excuses into her ear, and her expression grows dark. She unleashes a torrent of swears while her “goddess appearance” (description) shatters, leaving Ho-gu sputtering, “That’s not it! I can explain!”

Then in the clip below that, we see UEE rehearsing the scene with the director, trying to think up all the swear-word versions of the things she has to yell at Ho-gu. (UEE: “What are more words for idiot?”) The director prods her to really go for it, and she decides to go for “really strong stuff” as she readies to swear up a storm.

What can I say? I have a soft spot for foul-mouthed heroines and the adorable man-children who love them. Ho-gu’s Love premieres on February 9 on tvN, following Valid Love on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Read more: http://www.dramabeans.com/2015/01/swearing-goddesses-and-bashful-fools-for-ho-gus-love/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

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