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[NEWS] UEE Shows Off Her Legs in Singles


After School’s UEE and her long legs will be featured in Singles. The pictorial shows her wearing various styles from British shoe brand FitFlop, from loafers to sandals to sneakers. The idol/actress, well known for her “honey thighs,” shows off her shapely legs in the photos. Her casual styling and youthful appearance give off a relaxed feel but her expressions have become more mature.

Because the FitFlop shoes are ergonomically designed, lightweight, and comfortable, they are popular during spring and summer when people are active outdoors. The FitFlop pictorial will be featured in Singles magazine’s March edition and on FitFlop’s blog.

The budding actress is currently starring in the tvN drama “Hogu’s Love” as Do Do Hee, a competitive swimmer who finds herself pregnant out of wedlock.

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[PIC/MAG] Uie for ‘Singles’ 2015 March Ed.



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[NEWS] After School’s Uee is stunning for VEDI VERO’s ad campaign


After School’s UEE teased fans with her glamorous party pictorials from her ad campaign for sunglasses brand VEDI VERO.

The unveiled photos showing the idol enjoying her night out first spread through various online portals. In the photos, she is flawless while wearing a golden glitter tube mini-dress with trendy sunglasses. In particular, the images highlight the star’s voluptuous curves and elegant figure.

Reportedly, Uee danced to a powerful club track to accentuate her sexy and chic charms during the shoot. Many are looking forward to this ad as it may resemble the hit ad in 1999 by Jun Ji Hyun for a printer brand. The video of Uee is set to air on SBS’ Midnight TV Entertainment on February 25th.

Meanwhile, Uee and Choi Woo Sik are starring as lead characters in the recent drama Hogu’s Love for tvN.

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[LINK/ENG] 150224 “Hogu’s Love” Ep 6

hogu's love poster 3


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[PIC] 150211 Uie Filming for SBS ‘One Night TV Entertainment’


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[VIDEO] 150224 “Hogu’s Love” Ep 6

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[VIDEO/OFFICIAL] 150224 Uie Cut on “Hogu’s Love” Ep 6

credit: tvN DRAMA

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[VIDEO/PREVIEW] “Hogu’s Love” Ep 7 (March, 2)

credit: tvN DRAMA

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[VIDEO/PREVIEW] Uie on SBS ‘One Night TV Entertainment’ (Feb, 25)

00:00 – 00:13

credit: SBSNOW

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[STILL/OFFICIAL] Uie on “Hogu’s Love” Ep 6



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[INSTAGRAM] 150224 Uie Updates on ‘uieing’ + Trans



[TRANS] : Comfortably~Happily~Truthfully~Sincerely~

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[LINK/ENG] 150223 “Hogu’s Love” Ep 5

hogu's love poster 2


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[NEWS] UEE and Choi Woo Shik in Allure Pictorial; UEE Reveals How She Lost Weight


On February 23 Allure released an interview and pictorial for “Hogu’s Love” stars UEE and Choi Woo Shik. Photos of the two dressed formally show a sexy and decidedly different image from their characters on “Hogu’s Love.”

The magazine also features an interview in which UEE shares how she spent her time while out of the spotlight. She says, “For the past year and a half, I performed at events with After School, studied Japanese, and enjoyed free time. During my free time I exercised and traveled.”

She goes on to talk about her recent weight loss. “I lost a lot of weight so people think I went on a crash diet for the drama, but while I was inactive [from the entertainment industry] and living a normal lifestyle, I naturally lost weight.”

UEE shares her fitness routine as well, stating “I go on the treadmill every morning, never skipping a day. Most days, I walk quickly for about an hour. If I don’t have a lot of time, I run for about 30 minutes. When I sweat in the morning, it’s so refreshing. I make sure to drink a lot of water and eat a light breakfast of fruit.”

The interviewer also asks Choi Woo Shik about his ideal type, and he answers, “I like someone who I can have a good conversation with. I also like pretty lips. Not that she should look a certain way, but I like people who have pretty lips when they smile or talk.”

You can meet these two stars on the March Issue of Allure.

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[NEWS] Choi Woo Sik and UEE get touchy in ‘Allure’


UEE and Choi Woo Sik transformed into a seductive couple for a recent pictorial with ‘Allure’!

In the pictures released, the two are showing undeniable chemistry especially after taking on the roles as Kang Hogu and Do Dohee in their latest drama, ‘Hogu’s Love,’ where the two are depicted as friends and lovers.

When asked what made him choose the role of Kang Hogu, Choi Woo Sik revealed that he wanted to highlight what he does best, which is being portrayed as a nerd.

He said, “There were people asking me why I was going back after my image makeover in ‘Giant.’ I thought about my strengths and I’ve come to realize that until now, I’ve taken on nerdy characters. I wanted to show what I can do best to the public, wearing what I look best in.”

The actor also told the magazine that his ideal type of woman would be someone whom he could connect with and has a set of pretty lips. He said, “My goal for his year was to be in a relationship, but I’m content with being in a relationship with UEE through acting.”

In addition, UEE talked about how she lost weight despite the hectic schedule she had even during her hiatus. She said, “I lost a lot of weight so people thought that I went on a crash diet for the drama, but I just naturally lost weight by living a regulated lifestyle. I go on the running machine in the morning. When I don’t have time, I run it for about 30 minutes and when I do, I speed walk on the treadmill for an hour.”

As for her diet, UEE revealed that she eats lightly after her short workout with fruits in the morning and drink plenty of water to hydrate herself.

Meanwhile, the full interview and pictorial with UEE and Choi Woo Sik will be featured in the March issue of ‘Allure.’

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[VIDEO] 150223 “Hogu’s Love” Ep 5

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