[NEWS] After School’s Uee Wants to Continue Acting Even after Ten Years


After School’s Uee expressed her desire for acting.

Uee attended the press conference for tvN’s Hogu’s Love on March 3 at the CJ E&M studio in Goyang and revealed that she has been getting the taste of acting.

Uee said, “I have been enjoying (filming the drama) these days. It’s really fun to live in someone else’s shoes by acting out the character. If I get a chance, I would like to continue acting even ten years later.”

Uee added, “The Japanese fans recently sent over three sets of baby clothes to our office. I was so happy. I was happy that they showed that much interest in our drama.”

Hogu’s Love is a romance drama about Kang Hogu, who has no experience in dating and no dating techniques at all, getting involved in a complicated love relationship and dangerous friendship with his first love and the national swim team member Do Do Hee (Uee).

The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11 p.m. (KST)

Read more: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/88344/after-schools-uee-wants-to-continue-acting-even-after-ten-years

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