[NEWS] ‘Hogu’s Love’ star Uee talks single mother role


Singer-actress Uee, star of the recent drama series “Hogu’s Love,” recently discussed the difficulties of playing a character impregnated through rape.

InStyle Korea magazine shared interview snippets with Uee, together with photos from its current May issue.

“The drama series ‘Hogu’s Love’ dealt with the sensitive issues of single motherhood and rape, so I really wanted to (act the part) well,” said Uee.

Uee said her most memorable line were the hurt words “How is the victim supposed to behave?” spoken in the final episode that was aired on March 31.

The character Do Do-hee, played by Uee, files a lawsuit against the rapist and father of her child, a celebrated national swimming champion, who is cleared of all charges and allowed to walk free after the second trial.

Do decides to appeal the verdict at the close to the series, while marrying lead character Hogu, who is hopelessly in love with her.

Producer Pyo Min-soo said the ending was a “cautiously optimistic” conclusion that he hoped would partly reflect a corrupt society.

Uee, 27, is a member of K-pop girl group After School who has starred in several television dramas.

“Hogu’s Love” ran from Feb. 9 to March 31.

Read more: http://kpopherald.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=201504261449252790176_2

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