[NEWS] ‘Infinite Challenge’ Kwang Hee tells that UEE is his ideal type


ZE:A’s Kwang Hee told that UEE is his ideal type.

May 9th broadcast of MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’ showed ZE:A’s Kwang Hee making his first appearance on the program as the official new member.

The other members asked Kwang Hee to let them know about many different K-Pop news, and asked who his most favorite girl group member is.

Kwang Hee told that his most favorite is UEE, and the other members said, “Maybe we can get her to make a special appearance on this program.” Then, Kwang Hee said, “I once asked UEE out in the past, but she asked me why she has to go out with me.”

The other members said, “You can make it out with UEE now, just because you are the new member of ‘Infinite Challenge.’ The other half of the world is your.”

Meanwhile, ‘Infinite Challenge’ airs on every Saturday at 6:25 PM.

Read more: http://starn.hankyung.com/global/en/news/index.html?no=378005

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