[NEWS] UEE and Sung Joon can’t stop kissing at ‘High Society’ poster shoot


The production team for upcoming SBS TV Mon-Tue drama ‘High Society,’ has today released photos from the site of the drama’s poster shoot which involved lead actors Sung Joon and UEE.

UEE and Sung Joon take on the roles of chaebol heiress Jang Yoon Ha and corporate employee Choi Joon Gi respectively. Despite their polarizing status and background, the two get attracted to each other and will have an unlikely romance.

In one of the photos, Sung Joon is seen gently brushing the hair of UEE, while looking at her lovingly. UEE meanwhile looks shyly back at Sung Joon. In another photo, the two have a sizzling hot kiss.

UEE and Sung Joon had to perform the kiss in front of many press personnel during the open shoot. Despite feeling the burden and pressure, the two still managed to film a beautiful kiss scene, and every frame of them looking lovingly at each other were successfully captured on film.

The drama will tell the love story and power struggles in the family of two men and two women from different rungs of society. A woman who was born with a silver spoon, falls in love with a poor man who only wants to get to the top. It will seek to show viewers what the true meaning of love really is, and bring hope to young people of today who have given up on dating, marriage, having children, networking, and owning property.

‘High Society’ will premiere on June 8th.

Read more: http://kpopfighting.com/2015/05/20/uee-and-sung-joon-cant-stop-kissing-at-high-society-poster-shoot/

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