[NEWS/OP-ED] High Society Teases with First Cast Poster and Sparks Flying First Meeting of UEE and Park Hyung Sik


I’m getting way too excited about High Society based on all the teaser material, when experience reminds me that good promos do not guarantee good drama and dull teasers similarly doesn’t mean a drama is dead on arrival. With that said, I just want to soak up the teaser excitement for a little while longer, I really love the way this drama gets me right in the gut with the combined chemistry and pretty. The first cast poster just came out and shows the four leads UEE, Park Hyung Sik, Sung Joon, and Lim Ji Yeon in a cocktail party setting looking all dapper for the men and glamorous for the ladies.

The drama has released a batch of new scene stills, the ones featuring Sung Joon and UEE kissing have all been seen in the teaser video but now we get the official pictures to go along with it. The new stills show the first meeting between UEE’s rebellious chaebol daughter and Park Hyung Sik’s arrogant chaebol son. They’re being set up on an official rich-rich matseon but UEE shows up sporting an attitude and under dressed in jeans and a tank top. She clearly took a page out of the “how to ruin a matseon” playbook from countless drama leads before her. While I’m already on the OTP ship (Sung Joon!), I also love Park Hyung Sik to pieces so if his chemistry is equally as good with UEE then it’s going to be a wild ride following this drama.

Read more: http://koalasplayground.com/2015/05/21/high-society-teases-with-first-cast-poster-and-sparks-flying-first-meeting-of-uee-and-park-hyung-sik/

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