[NEWS] After School UEE and Sung Jun Got Close After Kiss Scenes in ‘High Society’


Already gathering attention for their kiss scenes , After School UEE shared that she and her co-star Sung Jun got really close after kissing.

On June 3, Sung Jun and UEE attended the press conference for SBS’ new drama, High Society at the SBS headquarters in Mokdong, where the two talked about their kiss scenes for the drama.

The two actors both answered that they got close after their kiss scenes for the drama’s first teaser.

“At the time, it was a ‘Hello, I’m Sung Jun,’ ‘Hello, I’m UEE nuna,’ and then we had a kiss scene. After that, we got really close and comfortable,” explained UEE. “Sung Jun’s charm is that he makes his counterpart feel really comfortable. When I make NGs and feel terrible about it, he consoles me, telling me not to worry. He’s someone who really makes you fall in love with him while acting.”

Sung Jun added, “The first teaser we filmed included a kiss scene, and because we got close physically, we got close mentally as well.”

Then about UEE, he said, “There are people who get quite feisty as they work, but UEE doesn’t act like an actress. She′s more like a hyung. She makes it really comfortable. We’re even talking informally, and we act well together.”

High Society is about a girl, who was born into wealth, hoping to fall in love with someone, who loves her for who she is.

The drama will begin June 8.

Read more: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/93549/after-school-uee-and-sung-jun-got-close-after-kiss-scenes-in-high-society

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