[NEWS] Sung Joon compliments UEE on her fine body


Well, Sung Joon, you are not so bad yourself.

The model-turned-actor talked about his ‘High Society’ co-star, UEE, during the drama’s press conference on June 3 at the SBS Hall – and he spared no compliments.

He said, “UEE has a lot of merits, but if I were to choose one – just one – her body is extremely nice.”  She is known for her tall, slim-yet-curvy figure!

“There was quite an age difference with the female co-stars I’ve worked with up to this point,” he continued  “However, there is only a 2-year age difference with UEE.  This is also a strong point.”

He also mentioned that they had to kiss when they first met for filming, saying, “I ended up kissing UEE for the filming of our first teaser.  As we got closer physically, I feel like we got to get closer mentally, as well.  When you work, you meet some persnickety people, but UEE is making me feel comfortable as not an actress but as a hyung (older brother).”

You can see their chemistry in the premiere of the youth melodrama, ‘High Society,’ on June 8!

Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/06/sung-joon-compliments-uee-on-her-fine-body

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