[NEWS] UEE chooses between Hyungsik and Sung Joon + talks about criticism on her acting


‘High Society’s Sung Joon and UEE appeared on this week’s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ and shared their feelings on the criticism early in their acting career as neither originally started off as actors.

Sung Joon, who was originally a model, stated, “I first got to start being an actor while I was modeling; at that time, I got a lot of hate for not being able to act.  However, I think I was stimulated by the criticism, so I wanted to do it [more].  I want to do better and hope that I would become an actor that is like an actor.”

UEE, who started off as an idol, stated, “Of course there is a lot of judgment regarding an idol acting, so I think I need to work harder.  I will work in order to show a perfect image after filling up the places where I’m lacking.”

Also on this episode, she was asked to choose between co-stars Hyungsik and Sung Joon, ultimately choosing the latter.  Who would you choose?  And what are your thoughts on their acting skills?

Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/06/uee-chooses-between-hyungsik-and-sung-joon-talks-about-criticism-on-her-acting

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