[INFO/PIC] Uie, Sung Joon & Park Hyungsik to Film SBS ‘One Night TV Entertainment’

CF6DoDSUsAAm--R.jpg large

“One Night TV Entertainment Red Carpet”

Date: 28 May, 2015 (Thursday)

Time: 6pm

Place: Hongdae Playground

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[PIC/INFO] 140522 Uie with Niel,Kim Byung Man & Kang Ji Seob at ‘The Lux – ST Gilles Hotel’


❤ Law of the Jungle (cast and crew) will fly to Mauritius today (May 23rd).
They’ll leave Reunion Island around 12.30pm RET.


credit: Minbbobbo

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[INFO] Golden Rainbow Ep 28

Golden Rainbow-04

Golden Rainbow episode 28 which is scheduled to be aired on 8th February (Saturday) will be cancelled due to the Winter Olympic Games broadcast.

Thus, episode 28 will be aired on 9th February (Sunday).



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[INFO] Actress Uie


Uie got nominated in Excellence Awards (Actress) category for 2013 MBC Drama Awards.
MBC Drama Awards will be airing live on this Dec, 30th.
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[NEWS/INFO] After School to release new Japanese single ‘SHH’


After School is going to release their new Japanese single “SHH” on January 29, 2014 through AVEX. This will include two tracks, “Shh” and “Rock It”.

The title track is said to be a dance and upbeat single composed by Shinchi Osawa, the same composer of ‘Heaven’.

Are you looking forward for next year?

Source: oricon吧 via: afterschooldaisuki


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[INFO] Barefoot Friends

♥ Kim Hyun Joong to leave Barefoot Friends.

♥ His final recording for Barefoot Friends is on Oct 27.

♥ He’ll leave Barefoot Friends in order to concentrate on his new drama.

♥ The casts had a dinner together after they ended with the recording.

credit: evildog_

BYE BYE Kim Hyun Joong…. _(゚◇゚;)ノ゙ Wish you all the best for your new drama. (=^-ω-^=)

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[INFO] ‘Golden Rainbow’ Press Conference


Date: 31st Oct 2013

Time: 2.00 pm KST

Location: Sequoia Room, 2nd Floor, 63 Building, Yeouido, Seoul

credit:; via: @ilwoo_aein

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[INFO] Golden Rainbow Updates

Golden Rainbow Poster (sketches)



♥ Photo shoot for Golden Rainbow poster has been scheduled to be on Oct 16 at Ilsan MBC Dream Center & Sky Park, Sangam-dong.

♥ Those photo shoot will have ‘9 persons’ shots and ‘4 persons’ shots.

♥ Actors/actresses who will participate in this photo shoot are Uee (Kim Baek Won), Jung Il Woo (Seo Do Young), Lee Jae Yoon (Kim Man Won), Chae Ye Ryun (Kim Cheon Won), Kim Sang Joon (Kim Han Joo), Jo Min Ki (Seo Ji Ki), Do Ji Won (Yoon Young Hye), Park Won Sook (Kang Jung Shim) & Ahn Nae Sang (Chun Ok Joo)

credit: Golden Rainbow official dc

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[INFO] After School Comeback on November

❤It’s been said for a few times by Jungah and Juyeon to the fans that After School will likely and it’s almost confirm that they will have their second korean comeback for this year on late November.

❤And once again, Jungah has told a Japanese Playgirlz today that After School will have their comeback on this November. (via: AfterSchoolTH)

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[INFO] Golden Rainbow Updates

1) Jung Il Woo has been confirmed as lead man for MBC’s new drama, “Golden Rainbow”. The lead female is Uie.

2) Jung Il Woo will play as Public Prosecutor named Seo Do Young. Ilwoo will appear from ep 10 since ep 1-9 is childhood story.

3) “Golden Rainbow” is set to premiere on the month of November (It’s rumored on Nov 13th), to replace drama Scandal. So be sure to tune-in.

4) “Golden Rainbow” is a story about 7 orphaned not blood-related siblings facing the hardships of the world.

5) Jung Il Woo’s possible role takes care of the other two orphaned siblings. He’ll go after Uie‘s character and fall in love with her.

6) “Golden Rainbow” is set to be 40 episodes drama. But it’s still possible to be extended.

credit: @JungilwooID

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