[PIC/OFFICIAL] Uie for Hogu’s Love ‘Do Dohee Character’ Poster



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[PIC/OFFICIAL] “Hogu’s Love” Pietà Poster



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[PIC/OFFICIAL] “Hogu’s Love” Main Poster



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credit: avexnetwork

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[FACEBOOK] 140610 Uie Facebook Updates + Trans


“얍! 오랜만!! 정법 다녀와서 쉬는 중이에요. 근데 갑자기 주룩주룩 비~~~ㅡ0ㅡ 다들 이럴 때 일수록 감기 조심하기!! > _ <

[TRANS] : Yap! It’s been a while!! I’m taking a rest after back from ‘Law of the Jungle’. But it’s suddenly raining ~~~ㅡ0ㅡ At time like this, all of you have to be careful not to caught cold!! > _ <


trans credit: playgirlzworld

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[PIC/MAG/OFFICIAL] Uie for ‘Ceci’ 2014 June Ed.



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[VIDEO/PREVIEW/ENG] After School’s Beauty Bible Ep 17 (May, 19)

credit: KBS World TV

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[OFFICIAL PIC/MAG] Uie for ‘InStyle’ 2014 May Ed.




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[INSTAGRAM/VIDEO] 140122 Uie Feature in Cha Ye Ryun Instagram Update

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[TWITTER] 131230 Uie Updates Her Account + Trans


정말이런큰상을주셔서너무감사합니다!! 정말빠른상인것같고앞으로남아있는황금무지개잘하라는의미라는것잊지않으면서마지막회까지이상이부끄럽지않도록열심히하겠습니다!! 떨려서마지막으로말하려다못한..제가제일존경하고믿는우리한성수대표님,정해창사장님너무너무죄송하고감사합니다!! 우리’황금무지개’앞으로많은사랑과관심부탁드립니다!!울고웃는백원이실망시켜드리지않겠습니다!!감사합니다♥

[TRANS] @uiiiie: Really thank you so much for giving me such a big award!! It seems to fast to receive this award. In the remaining filming for “Golden Rainbow” will never forget to do well even till the last episode i’ll work very hard as not to bring shame to the award!! Because its very rush i couldn’t finish saying till the end.. To my most respectable and trusty Mr. Han Seong Soo and Boss Jeong Hae Chang very sorry and thank you very much!!! Please give our “Golden Rainbow” many love and concerns!! The crying and smiling Baekwon will not disappoint you!! Thank you very much♥


pic credit: Uie official twitter

trans credit: xzmingzx

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credit: avexnetwork

T/N there’s a slight difference of shots (at 1:37) from the previous video. ^^

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[VIDEO] Uie ‘First Snow’ Message

credit: pledisartist

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[INTERVIEW] Uie at Golden Rainbow Press Conference, “Uie as the Heroine”


MBC’s new drama series [Golden Rainbow] starts broadcasting every Sat & Sun 21:55. The story is about 7 siblings whose fates are entangled.

Here is the interview with Uee at the press conference.

Q. You are about to start shooting your scenes. What are your feelings now?
A. I keep thinking how I should act my character. I wonder how actress Yoo-jung will act my character’s childhood days. I hope I could make a smooth connection and make my character shine when it is my turn to act the grown up part.

Q. The previous dramas of this time slot recorded high ratings. Do you have any specific resolution to the rating?
A. In my previous dramas, the viewers called me by the names of my characters instead of Uee. Again, I hope the viewers call me ‘Kim Baek-won’ instead of Uee after I start .

Q. The other members of ‘Afterschool’ could be envious of your acting. Are they?
A. Yes, of course they are. However among the members, there are many actor Jung Il-woo’s fans. They say they will come to the shooting location which they have not done before when I was acting in other dramas.

Q. What is actor Jung Il-woo’s charm?
A. The first time I have seen him was during the script reading. He was very attractive and I liked it that he was very tall. I thought I could wear high heels at the press conference. Only at the press conference though, because my character, Baek-won, is not the type to wear high heels. And I was very happy to hear people saying that we look good together.

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[INSTAGRAM] Uie with Secret Hyosung,G.Na & Spica Jiwon during MBC Story Show ‘Five Girls Special’ Era


이제야… >_< 예전에 ㅋㅋ촬영때 찍었던 추억 우와 비오니까 더 생각나네 유빈언니도 나중에 같이ㅠㅠㅋㅋ

[TRANS] Now… >_< in the old days ㅋㅋ reminisce taken during filming. uwah its raining so it reminds me more. will take it together with Yubin Unnie next time ㅠㅠㅋㅋ


pic credit: secrettimehs (Hyosung official account)

trans credit: xzmingzx

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[OFFICIAL PHOTO] 131103 Uie with Jung Il Woo,Cha Ye Ryun & Lee Jae Yoon for MBC Section TV


credit: mbc_sectiontv

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