[NEWS/OP-ED] To be or not to be evil in High Society


We’ve got one last promo push for High Society, which premieres next week with the story of a young chaebol woman (UEE) who puts on the guise of an ordinary woman, hoping to find love with someone who values her for herself rather than her riches.

There are a couple of new posters out as well, and I’ll just let y’all scroll down to enjoy the Engrish. It’s actually just cheesy enough to be hilarious, though perhaps inadvertently. Hey, I’ll take my hilarity however it comes! And at least the photobooth collage poster is very cute, showing the four main leads in varying stages of flirting and aegyo — I hope that cuteness carries over into the drama itself. It’s hard to tell from the previews, which are skewing more dramatic, but I’ll have my fingers crossed that High Society settles into a lighter chaebol romance once the setup is in place.

In the teaser, UEE’s character Yoon-ha is accused of being responsible for someone’s death by her shrill mother, who wails at her to die in their place. This must be her older brother, the expected successor to their father’s large corporation. Her father recognizes that Yoon-ha is smart and competent — compared to her Paris Hilton-esque older sisters, for instance — but the company was to pass to the son… until that’s no longer an option.
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[NEWS/OP-ED] High Society with UEE and Sung Joon Release Creatively Eye-catching Drama Posters


I was planning on checking out upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama High Society (formerly Chaebol’s Daughter) no matter what. I loved the teaser promos with leads UEE and Sung Joon making out with youthful tenderness, not to mention the first drama previews looked interesting on the narrative front. UEE is a chaebol’s youngest daughter who goes undercover as a market clerk, hiding her rich identity to find a man who loves her without strings attached. Sung Joon is a smart go-getter from a poor family who is calculating in climbing the success ladder and finds himself falling for UEE, both for her personality and for her wealth.

Park Hyung Sik is the UEE male equivalent, a chaebol’s son who embraces his wealthy background while falling for real poor girl played by Lim Ji Yeon. The dual couple set up is one of my faves because it allows for some exploration of a love triangle (quadrangle) while keeping a mutually happy end game plausible. The just released official drama posters continues the positive trend, sending my interest level one step higher with artistically creative compositions which bring a breath of fresh air in a quagmire of dull and duller drama posters. The Warhol-esque one has cool taglines and great color visuals while the one with everyone doing photo booth shots is beyond adorable.

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[NEWS/OP-ED] Blind dates and champagne toasts in High Society’s posters and stills


Here’s another batch of stills and posters for SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama High Society, starring UEE as a chaebol heiress who defies high society’s rules and Sung Joon as a poor social climber who wants to be part of their world. The heroine pretends to be poor so that she can escape a loveless marriage and find her own match, and the drama will be a contemporary twist on the classic love-vs-money melodrama.

The initial promo material for the show featured a lot of kissing between the leads, and the latest stills feature second lead Park Hyung-shik (What’s With This Family). He plays a chaebol heir who’s friends with Sung Joon, but they live in completely different worlds despite working in the same office.

The stills of the boys together are from a scene in which Park Hyung-shik has just tanked one of his father’s companies, and the responsibility falls on Sung Joon’s shoulders to fix the problem. The hero discovers in that moment that they are fundamentally different, because entire companies could crumble and the CEO’s son would just move on to his next venture, and it makes him determined to change his fate.
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[NEWS/OP-ED] High Society Teases with First Cast Poster and Sparks Flying First Meeting of UEE and Park Hyung Sik


I’m getting way too excited about High Society based on all the teaser material, when experience reminds me that good promos do not guarantee good drama and dull teasers similarly doesn’t mean a drama is dead on arrival. With that said, I just want to soak up the teaser excitement for a little while longer, I really love the way this drama gets me right in the gut with the combined chemistry and pretty. The first cast poster just came out and shows the four leads UEE, Park Hyung Sik, Sung Joon, and Lim Ji Yeon in a cocktail party setting looking all dapper for the men and glamorous for the ladies.

The drama has released a batch of new scene stills, the ones featuring Sung Joon and UEE kissing have all been seen in the teaser video but now we get the official pictures to go along with it. The new stills show the first meeting between UEE’s rebellious chaebol daughter and Park Hyung Sik’s arrogant chaebol son. They’re being set up on an official rich-rich matseon but UEE shows up sporting an attitude and under dressed in jeans and a tank top. She clearly took a page out of the “how to ruin a matseon” playbook from countless drama leads before her. While I’m already on the OTP ship (Sung Joon!), I also love Park Hyung Sik to pieces so if his chemistry is equally as good with UEE then it’s going to be a wild ride following this drama.

Read more: http://koalasplayground.com/2015/05/21/high-society-teases-with-first-cast-poster-and-sparks-flying-first-meeting-of-uee-and-park-hyung-sik/

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[NEWS/OP-ED] High Society starts with a kiss


…Or three, but who’s counting? SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday melodrama High Society has followed up its first set of kissyface stills with a teaser that delivers on that promise and then some. Leads Sung Joon (Hyde, Jekyll, Me) and UEE (Ho-gu’s Love) hit the ground running with a teaser that shows off some sizzling chemistry, not that we were worried. On the downside, it makes me forget what the drama is even about. Upside, sizzling chemistry.

A quick refresher: The new drama from the creative team behind A Warm Word stars UEE as a chaebol heiress who keeps her identity hidden so that she can blend in and hold part-time jobs like the little people do. She does this all because she’s determined to find true love in someone who loves her for herself and not her money.

Sung Joon is an ambitious social climber who comes from a dirt-poor family and only cares about relationships that help him get ahead. Naturally this leads to the age-old dramaland question: love or money?

It’s pretty funny how rare a kiss is in a drama teaser, given how much of dramaland’s real estate is taken up by romance. But when you’re regularly waiting weeks before your leads ever lock lips, it’s a novel thing to see kisses before a show even premieres. As far as a marketing strategy goes, it’s damn effective, since I now want to check out a drama that otherwise sounded too melo for me.

Well, I’m off to watch the teaser again, partly for the kisses, and mostly because Sung Joon in a plain white tee just does things to me.

High Society premieres June 8 on SBS.

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[NEWS/OP-ED] Sung Joon and UEE pucker up for High Society’s poster shoot


Yup, Chaebol’s Daughter has changed its title again, but on the upside, High Society is substantially better than the totally nondescript True Romance. Whatever it’s called, this drama has picked one hell of an inaugural promo run: The first set of stills feature a gussied-up Sung Joon (Hyde, Jekyll, Me) and UEE (Ho-gu’s Love) about to lock lips for the drama’s poster shoot. Whoever thought to start a drama shoot with kisses is an evil genius. I might send a fruit basket.

Never mind that technically, UEE’s character is a chaebol heiress who hides her true identity and poses as a poor girl working part-time jobs. Or that Sung Joon’s character is a jaded guy from a dirt-poor family with a chip on his shoulder about the filthy rich. The poster concept seems to ignore the drama’s entire premise in favor of fancy duds and a literal take on High Society, not that I’m paying close attention to anything but lips.

The new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama comes from the team behind A Warm Word and co-stars Park Hyung-shik (What’s With This Family) and Im Ji-yeon (Obsessed) in a melodrama about whether love can conquer money.

The heroine wants to find true love with someone who doesn’t see her as just her bank account, and the hero doesn’t believe in love at all. Angst is sure to ensue, but maybe now that we have the assurance that they’ll kiss and make up, the pain doesn’t seem so bad.

High Society follows Heard It Through the Grapevine in June.

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[NEWS/OP-ED] Chaebol’s Daughter adds UEE, Im Ji-yeon, and new title


After some initial casting setbacks, SBS’s new money-or-love melodrama Chaebol’s Daughter, the new series from the team behind A Warm Word, is back on track with a pair of leading ladies. The series has a new title as well: It’ll be called True Romance, which I guess is thematically relevant, though I sort of liked the simple (and more informative) Chaebol’s Daughter. Producers have an offer out to UEE (Ho-gu’s Love) to headline the series opposite Sung Joon (Hyde, Jekyll, Me), who just confirmed that he’s signed on.

Also joining the drama is up-and-coming actress Im Ji-yeon, who made a splash with her first leading role opposite Song Seung-heon in Obsessed. She’s signed to play the second lead and the heroine’s best friend; rounding out the foursome is Park Hyung-shik (What’s With This Family), who was the first of the group to be attached to the series.

The drama is about a chaebol’s daughter who believes firmly in true love above all else, and wants more than anything to find someone who will love her for her, without her giant inheritance. So she works a part-time job at a food market and pretends to be poor, all in an effort to find her perfect middle-class Prince Charming.

Sung Joon plays a middle manager within the conglomerate, who has a huge chip on his shoulder about his poor parents being looked down upon. He’s calculating and doesn’t waste his time with anything that won’t help him get ahead, and considers love a luxury for the wealthy. We can always count on dramaland to create extreme opposites with a massive social chasm to cross in the name of true love. At least this gives our heroine ample reason to keep her identity hidden to the bitter end, if she finds out how prejudiced he is against the rich.

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[NEWS/OP-ED] Couple hearts and thumbs-up for Ho-gu’s Love press conference


The first word that comes to mind whenever I see anything about this drama is cute, and all its attendant synonyms. For our sake I hope Ho-gu’s Love, tvN’s latest rom-com set to premiere in another two weeks, is as peppy and fun as it appears, because it seems like a quirky and upbeat show that’ll lead us into the year on a sunny note.

The drama held its production press conference on the 29th, and the cast was full of smiles (and promises for what they’d do if ratings were good), led by UEE as the “swimming goddess” lead and Choi Woo-shik as the Ho-gu/Fool in love with “zero game.” Aw. Poor Ho-gu.

Choi Woo-shik said that when he’d first met PD Pyo Min-soo, he didn’t know he was being considered for the lead role. PD Pyo described thinking then that Choi was already 90 percent like the character, which is why he cast him. Meanwhile, Choi just went in thinking he wanted to work with the director and promised to work hard no matter how small the part was. Ha, little did he know he’d be getting his first leading role out of the deal.

Choi did agree with that he’s very much like Ho-gu, and said that when he’s in front of love, he becomes “timid, pathetic, and petty” too. Haha, I’m sure he’s exaggerating about himself, but that just makes me look forward to all the antics Ho-gu will get caught up in. (His co-stars countered his comment by saying that despite that funny side, Choi Woo-shik also has quite the masculine, confident side as well. Which I can see, based on how he’s managed to pepper in a number of serious, darker parts alongside his cheery ones.)

I’m looking forward to seeing UEE play off the difference between her polished looks and her character’s unexpected coarse side, what with the foul mouth and hot temper (which we saw in the teasers). She said she’d never cursed so much in her life, and some of it called for saturi diction, which had the side effect of twisting her normal speech at times. But on the upside, she added that all that swearing is a huge stress-reliever. Yes, I swear for my health too! Only for that!

UEE shares a swimming background with her character, and said that she’d always wanted to do a project that involved swimming. She was glad to have this role come across her path, and felt particularly like it was fit for her, so she didn’t want to let it slip away.

As for the ratings promises: Expectations for cable drama numbers have leveled off a bit, and I’d generally look to 1% as the benchmark for a minimum goal—you definitely want to hit at least 1%, though you’d have to get to at least 2% or 3% to be considered successful. (That is, unless you’re Na PD or part of his network, in which case expectations are much higher. That’s just what you get for being excellent all the time.) So the cast of Ho-gu’s Love has fixed their hopes on the 3% mark, with second lead Im Seul-ong (playing a perfect lawyer with a dorky side) offering to take an icy winter dip in the sea with Choi Woo-shik if they hit that point.

UEE one-upped that promise by offering herself up and co-star Lee Soo-kyung (playing Ho-gu’s quirky sister) to dance in front of the CJ E&M building: “And I’ll prepare Soo-kyung’s outfit myself.” Apparently this was news to Soo-kyung, but she gamely went along the proposal.

Ho-gu’s Love will follow Valid Love on Mondays and Tuesdays. Its first episode airs on February 9.

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[NEWS/OP-ED] Swearing goddesses and bashful fools for Ho-gu’s Love


Promo materials continue to look adorable for tvN’s upcoming romantic comedy Ho-gu’s Love, a show that totally appeals to me because I do love the alpha-girl-and-beta-male dynamic, and the Ho-gu of this series (played by Choi Woo-shik) is about as beta as you get. (His name literally means dummy!) It’s not that beta males are so rare, but compared to the alpha chaebols/businessmen/geeeeniuses who strut around dramaland dragging ladies around by the wrist, they’re in the distinct minority, and it’s always fun to see the other side.

UEE plays the “swimming goddess” named Do Do-hee, a name that’s another pun that plays on the word for haughty. So it makes sense that they’re playing up her otherworldy, goddess-like image in the posters, although I’m pretty sure Pieta isn’t the best reference for a romantic couple. (It IS Pieta, isn’t it? Awk-ward.)

In any case, here are more teasers for the show, the first of which features Ho-gu bashfully “confessing” his feelings for Do-hee, only it’s to a stuffed bear that he then showers with love. Too much love, perhaps, which turns to frustration when he wails, “Why don’t you understand my feelings?!” He starts hitting his teddy bear stand-in, only to find Do-hee standing behind him, not amused. The teaser ends with him saying, “I am Ho-gu in love,” or perhaps more aptly, “I’m a fool in love.”

The next teaser’s cute in a different way, since it shows the polished Do-hee getting ready for a date, looking the picture of flirty sweetness… until she gets a call from Ho-gu, who rattles off a list of excuses into her ear, and her expression grows dark. She unleashes a torrent of swears while her “goddess appearance” (description) shatters, leaving Ho-gu sputtering, “That’s not it! I can explain!”

Then in the clip below that, we see UEE rehearsing the scene with the director, trying to think up all the swear-word versions of the things she has to yell at Ho-gu. (UEE: “What are more words for idiot?”) The director prods her to really go for it, and she decides to go for “really strong stuff” as she readies to swear up a storm.

What can I say? I have a soft spot for foul-mouthed heroines and the adorable man-children who love them. Ho-gu’s Love premieres on February 9 on tvN, following Valid Love on Mondays and Tuesdays.


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[NEWS/OP-ED] Ho-gu’s foolish love takes off


The main poster is out for tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama Ho-gu’s Love, featuring our lead Choi Woo-shik (Pride and Prejudice) looking every bit the fool in love that his name suggests. His name Ho-gu means all sorts of things, but it’s clear that the Ho-gu we’ll meet will be an unabashed fool for one girl.

Ho-gu’s affections will be directed at UEE (Gold Rainbow) who plays the “swimming goddess,” our national athlete heroine and Ho-gu’s first love. For some reason she’s featured in more of a ballerina getup for the poster, but the point is more her floating, haloed, mythic goddess status, and Ho-gu’s hilarious drunk-on-love pose. The copy reads: “I am a Ho-gu/fool in love.”

The rest of the stills come from a cast photo shoot with @star1, which includes second lead Im Seul-ong (Hotel King), who plays a rival for UEE’s affections. He’s a sharp lawyer, whereas Ho-gu has failed the civil service exam for going on seven years now, but the seemingly perfect lawyer will have a hapless side to him as well. Lee Soo-kyung (Coin Locker Girl) plays Ho-gu’s twin sister, a girl who knows all the tips and tricks to dating… which she learned from reading books.

The drama is a webtoon adaptation from the creator of the webtoon that Flower Boy Next Door was based on, and PD Pyo Min-soo (You’ve Fallen For Me, Coffee House) will be at the helm.

I’m really eager about this drama for two main reasons: It comes from the writer of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (and I LOVED Flower Boy Ramyun Shop), and it features a story about an average boy with a lifelong crush on his dream girl, which is rarer and a nice change-up from all the chaebol-Candy setups we get in dramaland. It’ll be about the blurry lines between friends and crushes, and (hopefully) the merits of the adorable unassuming loser with a penchant for matching tracksuits, and how he wins the girl of his dreams.

Ho-gu’s Love follows Valid Love and premieres February 9 on tvN.

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[NEWS/OP-ED] Im Seulong challenges for UEE’s affections in Ho-gu’s Love


Im Seulong, idol singer (2AM) and actor (Hotel King, Mandate of Heaven), has joined tvN’s upcoming rom-com series Ho-gu’s Love, which has already cast UEE (Gold Rainbow) and Choi Woo-shik (Fated To Love You) in lead roles. He’ll take up a second lead role that had previously been cast with another idol-turned-actor, SS501’s Park Jung-min, who ended up backing out of the drama not long ago. I don’t know Park Jung-min’s acting but I do quite like Im Seulong, so I’m happy enough with the actor switch.

The drama sounds pretty cute, centering around a perpetually single hero with no game, Ho-gu; it’s a name that literally means a sucker or pushover, turning the title into the pun Fool’s Love. Played by Choi Woo-shik, Ho-gu has failed the civil service exam for seven years straight and somehow gets saddled looking after an unidentified child. He has a romance with UEE, a “swimming goddess” who’s a national team athlete and his first love (I presume from their childhood). After they meet again in the present day, complications arise and the story unfolds around a “dangerous friendship” that turns to a cheery, comic romance.

Im Seulong plays an ace lawyer who’s never lost a case, who seems perfect all the time. Set up to be a love rival for UEE’s affections, he appears to be Ho-gu’s complete opposite… until you see that he’s got a clumsy heo-dang streak of his own. Aw. I can totally see him playing both sides, because I’d say the heo-dang force is strong with this one. In fact if I hadn’t seen him in Mandate of Heaven playing a gentle prince, I might not believe he could pull off the polished, perfect side.

Other cast additions include Han Geun-sub (Vampire Idol, My Daughter Flower), playing the hero’s best buddy, and rookie actress Lee Soo-kyung (from Coin Locker Girl, not Let’s Eat) as Ho-gu’s tomboyish twin sister who learns about dating from books.

Ho-gu’s Love is based on a webtoon (by the creator of the webtoon from which Flower Boy Next Door was adapted) and will be directed by PD Pyo Min-soo (You’ve Fallen For Me, The World They Live In), while Yoon Nan-joong is the scriptwriter (God of the Office). The two collaborated a couple years ago on the zippy tvN comedy Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, so I’m hoping this show has the same wacky sense of fun. I don’t want to get excited this early, but I’m approaching this show with some expectations.

Ho-gu’s Love will be a Monday-Tuesday drama for tvN, premiering February 9.

Read more: http://www.dramabeans.com/2015/01/im-seulong-challenges-for-uees-affections-in-ho-gus-love/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

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[NEWS/OP-ED] UEE, Choi Woo-shik headline tvN romance drama Ho-gu’s Love


A new tvN drama has just announced its lineup and secured a slot on the scehdule: Based on a webtoon of the same name, the drama is titled Ho-gu’s Love (it can also be translated Fool’s Love, but dramaland loves its punny titles).

Ho-gu’s Love will be headlined by UEE (Gold Rainbow, Jeon Woo-chi) and baby-faced Choi Woo-shik (Fated To Love You, Rooftop Prince) in his first leading role, playing the title character Ho-gu. The character is in his seventh year of attempting to pass the civil service exam, and somehow ends up looking after an unidentified child.

UEE will play “swimming goddess” and national team member Do-hee, while Park Jung-min (formerly of idol group SS501) will play love interest to Ho-gu’s fraternal twin sister Ho-kyung, who has yet to be cast.

I like the leads well enough, but I’m more interested in this drama’s producers, who were last teamed together on tvN’s bubbly rom-com Flower Boy Ramyun Shop — that show was fizzy and adorable, and if they can produce something along those lines, I’d be very happy. Other credits on their respective resumés: PD Pyo Min-soo worked on IRIS 2, You’ve Fallen For Me, Coffee House, The World They Live In, and Full House, while writer Yoon Nan-joong also wrote Queen of the Office and several Drama Specials including The Great Gye Choon-bin.

Furthermore, the creator of the original webtoon for Ho-gu’s Love, Yoo Hyun-sook, was also the artist/creator of the webtoon that was turned into Flower Boy Next Door, which was another sweet romance that aired on tvN. And if I can’t get another Ramyun Shop, I’d love another Flower Boy Next Door instead. Either/or. I won’t be picky!

Ho-gu’s Love is set to follow Monday-Tuesday drama Valid Love and premieres in February.

Read more: http://www.dramabeans.com/2014/12/uee-choi-woo-shik-headline-tvn-romance-drama-ho-gus-love/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

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[NEWS/OP-ED] UEE and Jung Il-woo begin script rehearsals for Gold Rainbow


It’s pretty crazy that Gold Rainbow has such a long childhood segment that leads UEE and Jung Il-woo are just now starting script reads for the drama that’s been on the air for weeks, but at least we know they’re coming soon. Not that Kim Yoo-jung and Oh Jae-mu aren’t suuuuuper adorable together, but you kind of want to get to the part where they’re old enough for kisses.

I’ve been casually watching the show, and most of the parental drama is ridiculous and over-the-top (there are birth secrets galore, a company takeover plot, and WAY too many shouty adults in this universe), but the brood of orphans with adoptive father Kim Sang-joong are really sweet. It’s great to watch Kim Sang-joong play a genuinely good-hearted father since he usually plays villains with such aplomb, and his daddy-daughter relationship with Kim Yoo-jung is especially winning. I pretty much only watch for her scenes with Dad or Oh Jae-mu and tune out the rest.

Hopefully the adult cast changeover will mean more screen time for the two lead characters overall, which I wouldn’t mind in the least. They include second leads Lee Jae-yoon and Cha Ye-ryun as UEE’s older brother and sister, and new addition Lee Ji-hoon (You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin, School 2013) as her younger brother with the twin sister. The rest of the siblings are actually yet to be cast. Their younger counterparts will stick around for another two weeks, and UEE and Jung Il-woo are set to appear in Episode 12.

Gold Rainbow airs Saturdays and Sundays on MBC.


credit: dramabeans.com


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