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  1. R

    Just want to say that I love the site! You did an awesome job guys! Thanks ❤ Keep it up !
    And if you need help with anything, I would love to help out 🙂
    P.S. just a suggestion , how about as international queens we think about projects which will support and encourage Uee? I am sure they will held a press conference for Golden Rainbow so we can send some staff to support her ^^

    • Thank u so much for the support. =D yes.sure.if i need anything,i’ll let u know.thanks again. ^^
      ohh.dat sounds great.u mean we can give something like congratulatory flower wreath during GR press conference to show our support to Uie??

      • R

        You’re most welcome ^^ Yep that’s exactly what I meant. Uee is going to be extremely busy with AS’s Japenese promotions/CFs/Golden Rainbow/BFF/ and AS’s Korean comeback this November so I am thinking that small things like congratulatory flower wreath, vitamins, healthy food/drinks will encourage and bright up her day 🙂

  2. i’m definitely love the idea.but first of all,we need some help from kfans.since it’ll be easier for us to realize that u know anyone who can help us??and we need some donations from qUEEns too.keke. ^^

    • R

      I personally don’t know anyone, but I was thinking if we spread the news in AS communities, Uee’s other fan clubs, Uee’s official thread in soompi forums, we will definitely find some help.
      How about we come up with the idea, like what exactly we want to do , when( I am guessing the 1st week of November), and how much it will cost us and then make full detailed post about it here in your Blog and spread it ?

      • yup.agree with u.btw,do u have twitter acc??coz i think it’ll be easier and faster for us to make a plan rather than talk in here.keke ^^

  3. R

    yep yep 🙂 but I rarely use my twitter account to be honest , how about fb ?

  4. R

    no problem let’s talk by twitter 🙂 how can I find you ?

  5. U

    Hi! ^^ great your work! ^^
    You could tell me, please, where you take the Uee’s schedule…please~ ^^
    Thank you ^^

    • it depends tho.i don’t take it from one source only.but you can mostly check her sched on AS official dc, as-fan or afterschoolth(twitter). ^^

      • U

        as official dc? what is this? (sorry I’m new fanboy 🙂 )

      • After School official daum cafe.but you need to sign up first before you can view the content of the fancafe. ^^

      • U

        Ok! thank you ^^ You have an account there? how can you do that?

      • no i don’t.since that fancafe is not a user-friendly site for someone who has a lousy korean like ^^

  6. ueefan101

    hello, i follow your blog and read articles everyday,. can you please upload the mbc golden rainbow cast,. or is it available in youtube?

  7. uielove

    Hello! ^^
    Why you crossed out Uee on SNL?

    • bcoz i’ve just check AS korean fansite and unfortunately,there’s no Uie’s name on it.only Jungah,Juyeon,Raina,Nana,Lizzy & Eyoung who will appear on SNL. ='(

  8. qUEEn

    Thanks you updating Uie news. Love Uie.. hihi… :))

  9. Tej

    hey! I just wanted to say that this site is SO useful! Thanks a ton! I also wanted to ask you if they have given the exact location for the indian ocean island special. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. When do you think they’ll announce?

    • glad to know that this site has become a helpful one.keke.and no prob. ^^ nope.not yet.they haven’t announced the complete cast for that edition yet.they said the complete cast will be finalized this,proly after that??i will post it if i’ve got some info about that.but they will be leaving on May 13th. ^^

  10. Hi there! I’m a big fan of Uie of Japan.I had enjoyed watching the information on this site always.
    I have posted photographs, etc. that I have taken.
    Please tell me to post in any way.

  11. That’s right !(^^)!
    There are a lot of photos of Uie that I have taken in Korea in this August.
    Please tell me how to upload photos.

    • woww~you’ve met her??i’m jelly~ ㅠ.ㅠ ohh btw,unfortunately,only the admin can upload the photos. so if you dont mind,you can email those photos to me & i will help you upload it in here. and dont worry. i’ll give you a full credit. ^^ btw,u can email those photos to ^^

  12. uiefan

    Hello .. I am fan uie from Saudi Arabia
    became fan uie since drama you beautiful
    So far, I would love to see it and I hope to meet her
    But at the moment I am very sad when I see it marginalized from its
    Five months ago, uie did not imagine announcement and not a television interview
    Jungles program if you do not exist now forgotten audience
    I love to be busy work schedule as it was previously
    I want her to become more famous and become in all the media, as in the previous
    Pledis now become uie not treated like the previous marginalization and lack of interest completely forgotten
    In challenging ice bucket has filed a challenge Lizzy video on YouTube and did not raise the video challenge Weiwei why!
    Pledis now full focus on Nana and OC
    uie will become like Jung Ah and E-young and Kaeun any not have individual activities
    Do you think that Pledis punished uie because she did not tell donate Who has done for the victims of the sinking of the ship!
    What do you think what I do! Am I on the right!

  13. im fan uee frome saudi uee have many fans in saudi arabi
    i want list uee fan boys and girls
    i love uee she is soo beautiul girls
    uee in arab she most popular in after school
    thank you

  14. paulina

    I’m a huge fan of Uee and I wonder if you could upload the TVN Taxi ep 366 with English subtitles. I love your site and you are doing a wonderful job keeping us up to date with everything about Uee!

  15. thedimplesclub

    Does anyone know where I could find episodes 7-9 of Law of the Jungle in Indian Ocean? Subbed in any language, even raw, I don’t mind. I just want to know what happened.

  16. paulina

    There has been no new updates on Uee since 1st March 2015. Has this site been discontinued? I have been checking every day and am sad international fans like me miss most of her recent news updates during the filming of her fantastic drama, Hogu’s Love, which we all love! Anyway, she did really well as Do Do Hee and we hope to see her in another drama soon! Lovely to see her and Choi Woo Shik together in Hogu’s Love and missing them already!

  17. Ophe

    Hello seems long time no updates since 2015 june

  18. Ken Salmon

    who ever runs this site, please update the “official instagram link” This link -> is her official Instagram

  19. joce

    Well, there is no update since 2015 which makes me sad

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