❣ Samsung Anycall Magic Hole (with Lee Min Hoo & Kim Hyun Joong)

❣ Samsung Anycall (with Kim Yuna, 2PM etc)

❣ Samsung Anycall Gemstone

❣ Samsung Anycall Shape

❣ Samsung 4Tomorrow (with Kara Seungyeon, 4Minute Hyuna & BEG Gain)

❣ POINT Clean Naturals

❣ HEAD Sports

❣ Choeum Cheoreom Cool Soju

❣ Vivaldi Ocean World (with Kahi)

❣ VIta 500

❣ 7 Jeans

❣ The Saem Cosmetic (with After School & Lee Seungi)

❣ Landrover Shoes (with After School)

❣ Le Coq Sportif

❣ BD Lab

❣ Cantata Coffee (with Joo Won)

❣ H:Connect

❣ Mixxo (with After School)

❣ Samantha Thavasa (with After School)


2 thoughts on “Endorsements

  1. JOY

    uie else CF:Land Rover,VITA 500,Point Cosmetic,Samantha Thavasa

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