[NEWS] UEE chooses between Hyungsik and Sung Joon + talks about criticism on her acting


‘High Society’s Sung Joon and UEE appeared on this week’s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ and shared their feelings on the criticism early in their acting career as neither originally started off as actors.

Sung Joon, who was originally a model, stated, “I first got to start being an actor while I was modeling; at that time, I got a lot of hate for not being able to act.  However, I think I was stimulated by the criticism, so I wanted to do it [more].  I want to do better and hope that I would become an actor that is like an actor.”

UEE, who started off as an idol, stated, “Of course there is a lot of judgment regarding an idol acting, so I think I need to work harder.  I will work in order to show a perfect image after filling up the places where I’m lacking.”

Also on this episode, she was asked to choose between co-stars Hyungsik and Sung Joon, ultimately choosing the latter.  Who would you choose?  And what are your thoughts on their acting skills?

Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/06/uee-chooses-between-hyungsik-and-sung-joon-talks-about-criticism-on-her-acting

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[NEWS] Sung Joon finds it easier to act in ‘High Society’ because he has a lot in common with UEE

Upcoming SBS TV Mon-Tue drama ‘High Society’ held their production conference on June 3rd, and saw the presence of main cast members like After School’s UEE, Sung Joon, ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik, Lim Ji Yeon, and many others.

At the conference, Sung Joon expressed that he and UEE had a lot in common because they were around the same age (two years difference), and this helped greatly in their acting.

‘High Society’ will tell the love story and power struggles of people from different rungs of society, and will premiere on June 8th.


Read more: http://kpopfighting.com/2015/06/04/sung-joon-finds-it-easier-to-act-in-high-society-because-he-has-a-lot-in-common-with-uee/

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[FANTAKEN] 150528 Uie Recording for SBS ‘One Night TV Entertainment’ – Part 2



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[FANTAKEN] 150528 Uie Recording for SBS ‘One Night TV Entertainment’ – Part 1



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[NEWS] 13-minute trailer for drama ‘High Society’ is filled with romance, misunderstandings, and Hyungsik’s abs

The premiere date of SBS’ newest drama ‘High Society’ is edging closer, and SBS is promoting full force with the release of its newest trailer!

The 13-minute trailer released on their official YouTube page gives a sneak peek to the cuteness and angst for the upcoming drama. If you didn’t know already, ‘High Society’ stars popular idols After School’s UEE and ZE:A’s Hyungsik along with the charismatic model turned actor Sung Joon and new actress Lim Ji Yeon.

In the drama, UEE is the daughter of a chaebol, who works part-time at a grocery store to find a man that loves her for herself and not her money. It looks like a fun twist on the typical male chaebol and poor girl romance!

Take a look at the long trailer above or don’t, if you’d rather not spoil it for yourself!

Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/06/13-minute-trailer-for-drama-high-society-is-filled-with-romance-misunderstandings-and-hyungsiks-abs

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[VIDEO/TRAILER] SBS “High Society” 13-minutes Highlight

credit: SBSNOW

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[NEWS/OP-ED] To be or not to be evil in High Society


We’ve got one last promo push for High Society, which premieres next week with the story of a young chaebol woman (UEE) who puts on the guise of an ordinary woman, hoping to find love with someone who values her for herself rather than her riches.

There are a couple of new posters out as well, and I’ll just let y’all scroll down to enjoy the Engrish. It’s actually just cheesy enough to be hilarious, though perhaps inadvertently. Hey, I’ll take my hilarity however it comes! And at least the photobooth collage poster is very cute, showing the four main leads in varying stages of flirting and aegyo — I hope that cuteness carries over into the drama itself. It’s hard to tell from the previews, which are skewing more dramatic, but I’ll have my fingers crossed that High Society settles into a lighter chaebol romance once the setup is in place.

In the teaser, UEE’s character Yoon-ha is accused of being responsible for someone’s death by her shrill mother, who wails at her to die in their place. This must be her older brother, the expected successor to their father’s large corporation. Her father recognizes that Yoon-ha is smart and competent — compared to her Paris Hilton-esque older sisters, for instance — but the company was to pass to the son… until that’s no longer an option.
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[NEWS] Uee Chooses Her Ideal Type Between Sung Joon and Park Hyung Sik


Uee chose between Sung Joon and Park Hyung Sik during an interview on “One Night of TV Entertainment.”

When a fan asks Uee who is her ideal type between Park Hyung Sik and Sung Joon, she replies that since she’s only ever seen the two men act, she will choose if they take a moment to show off their charms.

As soon as Uee stops talking, Park Hyung Sik immediately and enthusiastically begins a pelvis dance. Sung Joon reluctantly follows suit, looking embarrassed.

After seeing both of their dances, Uee chooses Sung Joon as her final ideal type. Park Hyung Sik incites laughter by saying, “What exactly did I do just now?”

Read more: http://www.soompi.com/2015/06/03/uee-chooses-her-ideal-type-between-sung-joon-and-park-hyung-sik/

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[NEWS] Sung Joon and Uee Say They Locked Lips Right After Meeting for “High Society”


Uee and Sung Joon have revealed that they had quite the first encounter when they met to film the teaser for their upcoming SBS romantic melodrama “High Society.” At a recent press conference, the two stars talked about what went down.

Uee says, “We were like, ‘Hello, I’m Sung Joon,’ ‘Hello, I’m Uee noona,’ and then right away said ‘Should we start?’ and we just did the kiss scene. After that we were really comfortable with each other.”

“One of Sung Joon’s great points is that when he’s acting he always makes his co-star feel relaxed,” she says. “If I make a mistake in a scene and apologize, he tells me not to worry about it. He’s the kind of guy who really makes you fall in love with him when you’re acting.”

Sung Joon adds, “Since the first thing we shot together was the kiss scene in the teaser, getting close physically made us also get close psychologically.”

Regarding what he likes about his co-star Uee, Sung Joon says, “It’s easy to get cranky when you’re working. But Uee isn’t like a typical actress, she’s more like a hyung to me. So we work well together.”

“High Society” will be airing its first episode on June 8.

Read more: http://www.soompi.com/2015/06/03/sung-joon-and-uee-say-they-locked-lips-right-after-meeting-for-high-society/

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[NEWS] “High Society” Sung Joon Says Uee Has Best Body among His Co-Stars Thus Far


Upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “High Society” held a press conference on June 3 with main cast Park Hyung Sik, Sung Joon, and Uee in attendance.

During the event, Sung Joon was asked about how Uee stands out among his previous co-stars, which include actresses Han Ji Min, Kim So Yeon, and Jung Yoo Mi, to which he answered, “She has the best body.”

He continued, “With my other co-stars, there was an age difference of at least six years, whereas with Uee we’re only two year apart, so I think we are able to have better chemistry.”

Meanwhile, “High Society” is a drama about a chaebol’s daughter who attempts to hide her wealthy background to find a man who will love her for herself. It is slated to premiere on June 8 at 10 p.m. KST on SBS.

Read more: http://www.soompi.com/2015/06/03/high-society-sung-joon-says-uee-has-best-body-among-his-co-stars-thus-far/

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[NEWS] Sung Joon compliments UEE on her fine body


Well, Sung Joon, you are not so bad yourself.

The model-turned-actor talked about his ‘High Society’ co-star, UEE, during the drama’s press conference on June 3 at the SBS Hall – and he spared no compliments.

He said, “UEE has a lot of merits, but if I were to choose one – just one – her body is extremely nice.”  She is known for her tall, slim-yet-curvy figure!

“There was quite an age difference with the female co-stars I’ve worked with up to this point,” he continued  “However, there is only a 2-year age difference with UEE.  This is also a strong point.”

He also mentioned that they had to kiss when they first met for filming, saying, “I ended up kissing UEE for the filming of our first teaser.  As we got closer physically, I feel like we got to get closer mentally, as well.  When you work, you meet some persnickety people, but UEE is making me feel comfortable as not an actress but as a hyung (older brother).”

You can see their chemistry in the premiere of the youth melodrama, ‘High Society,’ on June 8!

Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/06/sung-joon-compliments-uee-on-her-fine-body

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[NEWS] UEE calls Hyungsik by the wrong name on air


‘High Society’s UEE and Hyungsik appeared on SBS radio program, ‘Cultwo Show,’ on June 3 and had a hilarious slip-of-the-tongue.

All K-Pop fans know UEE is one of Kwanghee’s ideal types, right?  Well, perhaps there’s some reciprocation going on.  When asked how it was meeting Hyungsik not as singers but as actors, she replied, “Seeing Kwanghee in real life…” and everybody burst into laughter at her mistake.

Perhaps pretending to be offended, Hyungsik asked, “How could you look at me and say Kwanghee?”

The DJs teased her with, “Do you like Kwanghee that much?” and, “Kwanghee must be in your heart,” resulting in an understandably flustered UEE.

Jung Chan Woo said, “What charms does Kwanghee have?”  Poor Hyungsik must be sitting in the shadows by this point Tamaki-mushroom-corner style.  She replied, “Kwanghee is very charming and he’s a good friend.  That is all,” making everyone laugh with her pointed conclusion.

Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/06/uee-calls-hyungsik-by-the-wrong-name-on-air

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[INSTAGRAM] 150603 Uie Updates on ‘uieing’ + Trans



[TRANS] : Three stray cats..
Photo by Jupal♡

trans credit: xzmingzx

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[INSTAGRAM] 150531 Uie Updates on ‘uieing’ + Trans


시크한 귀염둥이!!♡

[TRANS] : Awesome…
So you are the famous Berkin~
Nice to meet you Berkin♡
Cutie chic animal!!♡
So cute…….ㅠㅠ
#Berkin #Cute #High Society #Filming




[TRANS] : Running Man♡
I was so happy♡
Thank you!♡
Its time to return as Yoon Ha~!^^
#Running Man #High Society #sbs #Fighting #Happy

trans credit: xzmingzx

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[INSTAGRAM] 150530 Uie Updates on ‘uieing’ + Trans


“오늘도 화이팅있게!!ㅎ
#diesel #diesel archive collection”

[TRANS] : Today too Fighting!! hehe
Have a delicious lunch♡
#sbs #High Society #Jang Yoon Ha #Lunch time
#diesel #diesel archive collection

trans credit: xzmingzx

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