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[VIDEO/BTS] 140326 Uie with ‘Golden Rainbow’ Cast Filming for the Final Scene

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[NEWS] Jung Il Woo Reveals Uee Wanted to Kiss More on “Golden Rainbow”?


The MBC entertainment news show “Section TV Entertainment News” went to the finale dinner for the weekend drama “Golden Rainbow” where they caught up with the stars of the show, which includes Jung Il Woo and After School’s Uee.

When the reporter commented to Uee, “There were many kiss scenes,” Uee gave a shy smile. In “Golden Rainbow,” Uee and Jung Il Woo’s characters kissed often in various situations, such as when they were happy or sad, or giving a intense kiss or just a peck. Uee explained, “I think there were more scenes where we kissed while crying.” Uee also responded boldly, “I went straight through with the first take,” when asked if there were a lot of NGs.

At Uee’s answer, Jung Il Woo expressed surprise and jokingly revealed that Uee wanted to film the kiss scenes many times, saying, “You did it with one shot? You said you wanted to shoot [the scene] more!”

“Golden Rainbow” aired its final episode yesterday, Sunday March 30. “Hotel King” starring Lee Dong Wook and Lee Dae Hae takes over its timeslot on MBC.

What did you guys think of Uee and Jung Il Woo’s chemistry on the drama?


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[NEWS] After School’s UEE wraps up filming for ‘Golden Rainbow’


After finishing her final scene on the popular MBC drama ‘Golden Rainbow’, After School’s UEE expressed her sadness at leaving her role behind!

“Today is the final broadcast of ‘Golden Rainbow’!!! I feel weird~” she posted to her Twitter earlier today. “I was so happy being able to live as Baekwon for four months!!^^ Meat party with our hard-working staff! I hope everyone has happy days ahead!!!^^ Oh! Don’t forget to watch the final episode~!!”

Make sure to take UEE’s advice and catch her final performance as Baekwon on ‘Golden Rainbow’!


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[STILL/BTS] Uie with the Other Cast at ‘Golden Rainbow’ Filming Site





credit: imbc

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[STILL/BTS] Uie with Jo Min Ki Filming for ‘Golden Rainbow’ Ep 41





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[STILL/BTS] Uie Filming for ‘Golden Rainbow’ Ep 41





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[NEWS/SPOILER] UEE dons a bloodied wedding dress for ‘Golden Rainbow’



UEE put on a beautiful wedding dress for her drama ‘Golden Rainbow’!

The drama’s coming to a close with its final episode airing on the March 30th, and MBC has released a set of stills to pique curiosity for its finale! UEE’s dressed beautifully in a wedding dress in the first photo, making watchers wonder if her love with Jung Il Woo’s character is finally cemented.


However, the two other photos show UEE much more disheveled, her arms and hands covered in blood and her dress stained with red. It’s gotten viewers on their toes, wondering if the drama could have a happy ending with such pictures.


Check out the photos below!



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[TWITTER] 140330 Uie Twitter Updates + Trans


“오늘은황금무지개마지막방송날!!!ㅎ기분이묘하네요~4개월간백원이로살아서너무행복했습니다!!^^고생한울스탭들과고기파티!♥모두즐거운날만가득가득하세요!!!^^ 아! 잊지말고 마지막회도 본방사수우~!!”

[TRANS] @uiiiie: Today is Golden Rainbow’s last broadcast day!!!ㅎIt feels odd~I was happy as I lived as Baek Won for 4 months!!^^ Meat party with the staff who have suffered!♥Everyone spend a day full of joys!!!^^ Ah! Don’t forget to watch Golden Rainbow’s last episode~!!


trans credit: rayAne_AS

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[VIDEO] 140330 Golden Rainbow Final Filming & Wrap Up Party on ‘MBC Section TV’

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[VIDEO] 140330 Golden Rainbow Ep 41 (Finale)

p.s: gonna miss my precious OTP like sooo much. ㅠ.ㅠ

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[VIDEO] 140330 Uie Cut on ‘Golden Rainbow’ Ep 41 (Finale)

credit: MBCdrama


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[VIDEO] 140329 Golden Rainbow Ep 40

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[VIDEO/PREVIEW] Golden Rainbow Ep 41 – Finale (March, 30)

credit: MBCdrama

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[VIDEO] 140329 Uie Cut on ‘Golden Rainbow’ Ep 40

credit: MBCdrama

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[PIC] Uie with other Cast & Staff at ‘Golden Rainbow’ Filming Set (Final Filming) – Part 3



credit: GR dc

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